We support our customers with our knowledge – furthermore, we collaborate with universities and top research centers – using our technical solutions to create high-quality ceiling fans with very low energy consumption. We offer to the market the following services: design, production, assembly on site and after sales service. In order to have bette air flow in a closed environment it’s not enough to buy a ceiling fan, but our customer need to know better air foil, right blade dimention, ideal fan number, better positioning in the environment.



We analyze existing layouts to recommend the most suitable ceiling fan options to our customers, considering the specific requirements and dimensions of each area. Indeed, every space has unique conditions and dimensions that necessitate a tailored ceiling fan solution. We are equipped to advise on the best fan for every distinct environment.


We manufacture ceiling fans that are Made in Italy, from the materials used to the assembly process. Our fans are equipped with the latest generation of direct-drive brushless motor inverters. The impellers, born out of extensive fluid dynamics studies and rigorous laboratory testing, are crafted with our proprietary tools.

On site assembly

We provide on-site assembly services, performed by highly skilled companies meticulously chosen by our technical staff. Every step of the assembly process is crucial, and we ensure that everything is conducted safely and to the highest standard of quality.

After Sale

Our team continues to support our customers even after the sale of each Evel ceiling fan, guaranteeing assistance for any needs that arise following installation. Any problems that may occur will be promptly addressed by our team. We welcome all feedback from our customers in order to elevate our products to the highest possible standard.

Customizations: Water transfer printing

Water transfer printing, also known as immersion printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping, water marbling, cubic printing, or hydrographics, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. The resulting combinations can be regarded as decorative or applied art. The hydrographic process is versatile, applicable to metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.

customization hvls evel