Large public areas such as malls, theatres, conference rooms, fitness centers, and sports centers.


Enclosed areas with very high roofs can accommodate various activities such as sports, music, exhibitions, and group activities.


  • Wellness and productivity for workers
  • Wellness for visitors
  • Energy saving : low cost during summer time for ventilation, mixture of hot and cold air due to stratification problem, increasing heating system performances and confort for people

Evel designs HVLS fans for large areas with at least a 4-meter roof height, such as cinemas, fitness centers, and malls.

In these environments, it is very difficult to find the right balance between HVAC systems and people’s comfort, especially with low-cost energy.

Our products are a low-energy-cost solution with increased efficiency for HVAC systems, offering savings for the customer and maximum comfort for people.

Furthermore, these large environments where many people congregate require proper ventilation to reduce the number of bacteria, odors, and moisture.

Evel HVLS fans are perfect for the aforementioned problems and, due to their low energy consumption, are able to enhance air quality in the environment with very low investment and operational costs. So with a low investment our customer can have maximum performances for their equipment with an additional energy cost like a small lamp.

Ventilatori per Box CrossFit
Ventilatori per Box CrossFit
Ventilatori per Box CrossFit