Create wellness by freshness and lightness of air and his movement, without depend from air condition.


Evel was born from the idea of merging the most advanced brushless motor technologies, the best aerodynamic performance from airfoil designs, and ‘Made in Italy’ technology and creativity, into a lasting and successful combination.

Destratification means mixing air to achieve better temperature distribution throughout the space, avoiding zones that are too hot or too cold. Through this technology, our customers can optimize the functionality of their heating systems, saving costs and enjoying a more comfortable environment. It has been noticed that air stratification is one of the biggest wastes in energy consumption in large areas and facilities. Our solutions allow you to solve these problems, saving energy at the same time due to our machines’ low energy consumption.

Evel’s HVLS fans feature a linear design that is ideal for any environment. We use high-quality materials, ensuring that aesthetics and technology are seamlessly integrated. Our ventilation systems are designed for a variety of settings, including industrial, commercial, zootechnic, and sports centers.

The ‘Made in Italy‘ brand not only indicates the product’s origin but also represents the technologies and research that elevate the product to the highest quality standards in the market. A ‘Made in Italy’ product is immediately perceived as a byword for quality, and this fact drives small Italian companies to become well-known in the global market. We at Evel strongly believe in ‘Made in Italy’ and its values. Evel HVLS fans are high-tech and innovative ‘Made in Italy’ products.