How does an HVLS fan work?

Hot air rises to the top of a space: destratification is the reversal of this natural process, achieved by our machines, which move the warm air from the top down. Through destratification, we mix the air to ensure a uniform temperature distribution from ceiling to floor, avoiding areas with varying temperatures. This optimization of the heating system reduces costs and energy waste. Air stratification is one of the most significant sources of energy loss in large spaces. Evel HVLS fans are designed to mix air and solve stratification problems with very low energy consumption.

Why should I choose an Evel HVLS fan?

Evel is a company that designs and manufactures HVLS fans for large areas, focusing on people’s well-being. Our customers can choose from a wide range of products that best suit their needs. Our designers work closely with customers, assisting them at every stage, from design to installation.

Performance and aesthetics, technological efficiency, Italian craftsmanship, and environmental consideration form the core of our mission and values. Each product is the result of thorough fluid dynamics studies and rigorous laboratory testing.

Where can an HVLS fan be installed?

HVLS fans are designed for a variety of environments, including industrial spaces, zootechnical areas, sports centers, warehouses, and generally any building with a roof height greater than 5 meters.

Can HVLS fans be used in all seasons?

Yes, HVLS fans can be utilized throughout all seasons. During winter, they can help recover up to 6 degrees at floor level by redistributing warm air that has risen. In the summer, they provide high-speed ventilation, creating a cooling effect without the need for air conditioning.

Why should one prefer HVLS fans over HVAC systems?

HVLS fans offer cooling solutions with significantly lower energy consumption and costs compared to HVAC systems. Additionally, the operational costs are minimal, with the maximum energy usage being about 600 W per fan.

What are the benefits of using HVLS fans during the winter season?

Large environments with high ceilings and expansive areas are challenging to heat using traditional systems because heat rises. Evel’s HVLS fans are an effective solution to this issue due to their very low energy consumption and high efficiency in air movement. To provide some figures, they can help to recover up to 6 degrees of warmth, with energy consumption during the winter season being about 150 W.

How can I determine the exact number of HVLS fans needed for a space?

The Evel team works closely with customers from the design phase through to installation to meet all their requirements. Our designers will suggest the appropriate number of fans to install and their optimal placement. We provide support to our customers up to and including the installation phase.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with my HVLS fan?

Evel provides robust after-sales support, with a team ready to assist at any time. Since 90% of issues can be resolved via an internet connection, we offer remote troubleshooting services that allow us to connect directly to the machine and resolve problems efficiently.

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